With over 8 years of professional experience as a designer, I am sufficiently equipped to handle any and every creative requirement that is needed. I began my career in the field of marketing and advertising, designing a wide range of creative collaterals for different brands. Very early on in my career, I was drawn towards user interface and user experience. I am deeply passionate about interactive designs and layouts, and am always looking to gain a better understanding of the ever evolving technology through which I can make aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally sound designs.

My passion for understanding and creating interactive designs along with my substantial work experience in the field of multimedia helps me gain a much better understanding of what a user would expect with regards to the product and client. I have working knowledge of the end to end creative process, ranging from conceptualization to execution. I am a team player, ready to assist at any time and take the lead when needed. I am also comfortable working by myself, I ensure that all my work is up to par with the client’s expectations. I am confident in my abilities to plan and implement innovative ideas and I am always working towards expanding my knowledge and skill set.

I believe that being resourceful and adaptive is far more important than being a specialist. While I am versatile and flexible in my ideation process, I am also a perfectionist when it comes to execution. Hence, I am looking for a challenging work environment which will put my experience and knowledge to optimum use, push me to create stellar work and increase my understanding and knowledge of the amazing field that is design.